Gerry - keyboards
Eugene - guitar; Nestor - bass; & Coco - lead guitar
The Past Forward Band
Thanks to Paolo Dolina for the pictures :)
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Ludette - vocals
Joseph - vocals
Joseph - vocals
Nestor, Coco & Boy
Tata - lead guitar
Tata - lead guitar
Dancing crowd at Camp Zitro, Cebu City gig, March '03
Wen - audio
Performing in Ormoc City
Wen & Nestor
Elmer - guitar & vocals; Ludette - vocals & Steve - vocals. At SMED Center, Tacloban City
Taken before gig at Kiko's Bar, Makati Ave.
Eugene, Gerry, Nestor, Philip (audio), Max & Diko (percussion)
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Eugene - rhythm guitar & vocals
Never-say-die nostalgia band
perfoming classics from the 60's to
the 80's.
Boy R - vocals
Coco - lead guitar & back-up vocals
Ludette - vocals; Coco - guitar
Max - drums
Wen - audio
Butchit (bass & percussion), Tata, Max, Wen & Coco
Gig at myVenue, Villa Dolina, Tacloban City