Gerry's Birthday
in Cebu! Cebu!
October 2, 2005
For the 51st Bday, we hie away to Cebu! Cebu! To
be with son Marti, daughter Miki, sisters Nilda
Selma & family & Dr. Neri Gantuangko & UP friends
With the Selma Family
With Mayor Eddie & Nilda
Ruiz-Selma and family at
Eugene Loyola at left with the
Selma family while Peachie
serves her tour of duty in
Ludette, Miki & Marti at right
with Cherry Pie & other
cousins, nieces, nephews
& apo's!
Councilor Jojo Ruiz Selma and family
Cherry Pie R. Selma-Intalan (on
"furlough") with daughter Isabela
while awaiting Ramon Intalan's
tour-of-duty in Iraq.
With Dr. Neri Gantuangko & UP Friends
With Dr. Neri Gantuangko
rightmost above) together
with UP-Cebu Dean Gigi
Avila (
3rd from left) and
members of winning
teams in UP Management
Research Proposal Writing
With former elementary &
high-school classmate
Gigi Avila, current Dean of
UP - Cebu.
With Marti & Miki
Sorry, Nani... someone has to mind the store...
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