Thank you for visiting my personal photosite, a work-in-progress site I'm
sure will never ever be fully constructed.

My name is Gerry Ruiz and my family and I live in Tacloban City, Leyte,
Philippines. I recently took back to an old interest and hobby -
photography - which never really prospered during my college days
owing to plain lack of photo equipment and the high costs then.

With the advent of digital photography and a DSL broadband
connection at our locality, my interest has been rekindled.

This site contains attempts and amateurish meanderings into
"pseudo-serious" photography, as well as photos of - and taken by -
family and friends and some fun stuff, too. I have realized that instead
of printing the pictures and  stuffing them into albums which no one
really bothers to see after the interest has waned (they eventually
fade, gather dust, and worse, the plain task of retrieval can be such an
enormous task...) it's far better nowadays to post and organize them in
a website. And guess what, even share and allow relatives and friends
to view them at their time and convenience, no matter where they
may be!

Photography can truly be a daunting challenge, specially when one
gets to see the works of the pro's in their premium photography
exhibits. I humble myself and say mine is an attempt to preserve for
posterity personal memories captured in the photos here and get to
share them. Further learning and having one's photography skills honed
up along the way are possibilities - rewards, no doubt - that I can only
look forward to.

Everybody has a life story to tell - these photos tell mine. I do hope
you'd come back again soon and follow thru the developments as I
embark on this new "adventure" of building this site, and let the story

P.S. Y
ou may view my bigger photo portfolio at:

It doesn't spell finis for this site; it's meant to complement it.
Go visit. :-)
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